They will come on the rushing wind
Running toward the water
They will know they are new
And immediately see the truth

They will be the battered and bruised
But remember it no longer
They will quickly mature
At the ready to be used

They will see clearly
Without judgement
Remembering the rescue
Running only forward

They will know real love
Because they believe they are loved
Belonging as family
To the Great and Mighty King

They will have power
And not question
Their power will be to save
And miracles a given

They will run with boldness
To the broken
They will give words to deliver
That must be spoken

Like an army raised
They will run and not grow weary
They will cut with the sword
And receive victory

They will bask in the sun
For His glory
Giving out
Only love and mercy

They will walk in confidence
Strong where others are weak
They will surely confound the wise
Knowing the Father who brought their rise

They will bring great joy to the earth
They will rise and not fall
They will be free
And the Kingdom will reign