My Testimony

Healing from a Crisis Pregnancy

This page is devoted to the story of my encounter with Jesus the Healer. Following is a video testimony I gave about the process of healing from a crisis pregnancy. Below that, is a blog series about the journey I took as a woman who experienced a crisis pregnancy. In Jesus, I found a friend I could talk to, acceptance and forgiveness, and a safe place to heal. My hope is that people who are either in the midst of or feeling the results of a crisis pregnancy will encounter a story where they find their feelings and circumstances are shared by someone else. Knowing that we are not alone is a comfort. I also hope this will lead people into the hands of a loving God whose hope for them is to know Him as their Father and their healer from the wounding that occurred as a result of a crisis pregnancy. These wounds, if left unhealed, can be dark and devastating; creating a lifetime of failed tries at living a full life.

I am a birth mother. I chose to make an adoption plan for my child before she was born. I know there are other choices and the results of those choices are different. I know for a fact that there is healing for any woman who has had a crisis pregnancy, no matter her choice. If you are suffering emotionally, relationally, or spiritually and you have had a crisis pregnancy, there is healing for you. There is a full life waiting for you on the other side. Would you be willing to revisit your past in order to be free to have an abundant life? I did, and I promise you, there are only good things waiting for you when you start truly living again.

If you are looking for counseling or Bible Studies related to crisis pregnancy, restoration after adoption or abortion, or teen/single parenting, there are resources. I suggest finding your local pregnancy center. Any pregnancy center will provide a safe, non-judgemental environment for a woman who is in or has had a crisis pregnancy. A pregnancy center can sometimes offer one on one counseling or direct you to a counselor, some offer Bible Study groups with women who have had crisis pregnancies, or would direct you to a church or other organization that can help. Please do not be afraid to approach or walk into a pregnancy center. These are safe havens for women, they are designed to help and not judge. I found resources and friendship at Life Choices Pregnancy Center in Thornton/Longmont, Colorado.

Megan’s Story – By LifeChoices


Unplanned Pt2

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